Federal State Budgetary Institution of Culture «State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve Tauric Chersonesos»



Virtual games are an easy and engaging way of acquainting visitors with the iconic monuments of the ancient city, facts of its history and discovered artifacts.

In the course of a virtual game, online visitors of the museum-reserve will be able to discover the secrets of Chersonesos, get in touch with its history, see the amazing findings and visit unique archaeological sites. And all this from the comfort of your home!
By completing virtual quests and answering quiz questions, you will learn what a «basilica» is and why the «temple with a chest» is named this way. You will begin to understand the symbolism of images on mosaics in early Christian temples and lean about the foundation of the Cathedral of St. Vladimir in Chersonesos. You will understand how the ancient Chersonesites lived and what they did, test your knowledge of archaeological sites, and read interesting facts about the 1935 Basilica, which is the symbol of the Tauric Chersonesos and is depicted on the 200 ruble banknote. The virtual games are essentially a 360 VR quiz quest openable on any computer or smartphone. You can take part in it even in VR-glasses which will immerse you in the atmosphere of the ancient city. Thanks to modern technology, Chersonesos appears in 360-degree panoramas that reveal its beauty and test the knowledge of its thousand-year history.
Each location of the game has direction signs that can either tell about the monuments of the museum-reserve, or send the player to take a quiz. Virtual games consist of questions that can be answered using reference information. After the participant solves all problems within one location, he will be offered to choose another landmark of the ancient city. In addition to the 1935 Basilica and St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, the game includes: The Misty Bell, the Inn, the Antique Theatre, the Basilica-in-the-Basilica, the defensive walls, and the Port District. Now anyone can travel around the territory of Chersonesos in 360 degree panoramas even without leaving home, learn a lot of interesting facts about the history of the ancient city and test their knowledge! The main purpose of the project is to introduce the younger generation to the history of the iconic monuments of Tauric Chersonesos with the help of modern technology. The information is presented in such a way that the study of the ancient city turns into a fascinating game. At the end of the playthrough, young history lovers can always retake the quiz to improve their score and consolidate their knowledge.