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And what is your archetype?

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According to the theory of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the personality archetype implies innate human behavior. This is the set of properties and features, which we are born with. It is the hereditary model embedded in us that determines our behavior, actions, priorities, thinking and other psychological aspects. If you want to know your archetype — read this article.

The Culture Online awardee: the project “Classics and Modernity”

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We continue to get you acquainted with awardees of the Culture Online International Award. We present to you the project of the Donetsk Republican Art Museum “Classics and Modernity”, which won “The Special Jury Prize ”For dedication to culture””.

Teen art awards: the awardee in the nomination “The Best Online Project 2022”

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We continue to tell you about awardees of the Culture Online International Award. In this article, we will get you acquainted with the project “Teen art awards”, which took 3rd place in the nomination “The Best Online Project 2022”.


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On November 15 at 17:00 (Moscow time), an award ceremony for the best digital projects in the field of culture will be held on the official website: https://culturaonline.ru.


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319 applications from 53 regions of Russia, as well as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Switzerland, have been submitted on the culturaonline.ru website of the digital educational project of the Russian Cultural Foundation.


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Applications for the international award "Culture Online" are accepted until 23:00 (Moscow time) on October 22, 2021.

Acceptance of applications for the international Culture Online Award has been extended

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Deadline for application submission to Culture Online international award has been extended until October 22, 2021. Prize will be awarded in seven categories.

Digital Opera: What does it have in common with video blogging and streaming? DMITRY OTYAKOVSKY – ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OPERA ART ONLINE

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To stage an opera at no additional cost with leading soloists engaged from all over the world, and earn money at the same time — such opportunities of digital opera formats are noted by production director and resident of Culture Online educational digital project Dmitry Otyakovsky on the eve of the World Opera Day on October 25.

The new Telegram channel “Culture Online” will give up-to-date and expert information about culture in digital world

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You can now quickly learn global news about online culture and the secrets of creating digital cultural projects from the Telegram channel of the Culture Online web portal.

Not by streaming alone: what to see (and do) during the week-off on the Culture Online portal

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Do not forget about culture and art while watching TV shows, YouTube streams and TikTok videos. Here is our compilation of cultural digital projects: online concerts, lectures, podcasts and performances available on the Culture Online portal.

New projects from Mordovia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Voronezh have joined the Culture Online web platform

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New digital residents of the Culture Online web portal - virtual Museum of Nikolai Gogol, video concert from the main Russian Naval Cathedral, theatrical online show about the everyday life of an actress in self-isolation and educational online initiatives by libraries from all over Russia.

Manuel Walser and the winner of the Culture Online Award Nikolaus Rexroth will present Franz Schubert’s “Winter Journey” in St. Petersburg

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On November 12, famous German musicians - baritone singer Manuel Walser and pianist Nikolaus Rexroth (winner of the 2020 Culture Online Award) - will present Franz Schubert's "Winter Journey" cycle of songs to St. Petersburg audience in the Small Hall of St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

Cultural education: blogs and media about culture

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, this format has been even more actively used by museums, theaters, libraries, and educational institutions. We try to find out how they do this on the example of the Kunstkamera Museum, Chekhov's museums in Yalta and Gurzuf and other cultural venues.

452 projects from 20 countries: record number of applications for the Culture Online Award

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This year, geography of the Culture Online Award has expanded, and the event has acquired an international status. Total of 452 projects were submitted from more than 20 countries: Russia, the USA, Qatar, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lebanon, Greece and other countries.

International Jazz Across Borders Forum-Fest will bring together the world elite of the jazz community online

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The founder of JAB is People's Artist of Russia Igor Butman, whose musical project #stayhomejazzchallenge became one of the first digital residents of the Online Culture portal.

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